Our balsa wood products are ideal for multiple and widely different applications due to its particular characteristics such as: light-weight, high strength to weight ratio, thermic and acoustic isolation, fire and vibration resistant and malleability.


  • Ceilings, floors and storage structures for private and commercial airplanes
  • Shipping container walls and modern train floorings
  • Walls of in-land transport trucks intended to contain and protect general cargo
  • Isothermal or refrigerated truck walls suitable for transporting goods or perishable food at controlled temperatures
  • Ship building for cryogenic transport
  • Construction of auto parts and motor homes


  • Ship building
  • Pleasure and speed boats
  • Flouting houses
  • Buoys and lifeboats
  • Net floats and hooks
  • Water Sporting Goods like surfboards and sliders 


  • Interior division boards
  • Ceilings
  • Packaging boxes
  • Machinery base to absorb vibrations
  • Sound Studios
  • Core Material for light weight Plywood, MDF, laminated beams
  • Core material for Winter Doors
  • Core material for light weight walls with any finish
  • Core material for composite panels
  • Boxes
  • Furniture

Military Industry

  • Balsa core Aluminum Pallets for the manufacture of combat and exploration airplanes
  • Aero transportable containers
  • Drones
  • Storage tanks and buoys

Wind Power

  • Wind turbine blade construction


  • Building scale models of planes, helicopters, ships

Architectural Model Design

Balsa material is one of the main starting pieces for most projects.  It is easy to carve, cut, sand or join to create anything in beautiful solid balsa wood.  We carry a large range of products and sizes to suite your needs of:  Veneer, boards, dowels, sheets, scale strips and blocks for the design of any scale architectural project

Other Uses

  • Furniture
  • Clog and platform shoes
  • Toys
  • Handicrafts and souvenirs
  • Imitation jewelry
  • Yoga blocks
  • Boxes
  • Fruit Packaging
  • Pallets




Balsa wood is the only natural core material